Senior Model Project Shoot

Featuring Mariah, Jacob, Jocelyn and Anna

Senior Model Project

It was an extremely hot July day when Mariah, her mom Sara, Anna, Jocelyn and Jacob joined me for my Senior Model Project shoot.  The weather wasn’t your typical Midwest July weather.  No, we are talking about a heat index of 108 degrees.  Those four teenagers were complete troopers through it though and had a great time!  Thankfully I brought plenty of cold bottled water for everyone. We also shared it with the beautiful puppy that Anna found!

We spent about 2 hours walking to different locations around Downtown Collinsville.  On the list were Miners Theater, the Collinsville Memorial Library, and behind what the old Collinsville Herald/Suburban Journals building.  I brought along a chair that I had refinished just for the session and my wagon which worked out perfect for the puppy to have a place to lay down and relax.  The teens were encouraged to be themselves and have lots of fun!

Before we officially got started with the session, is when we came across the puppies.  They were ALL so adorable!  It worked out perfect when he told us that we could incorporate them in some of the pictures!  Three girls all holding these puppies was a photographers dream come true!

While we were taking pictures in front of the ticket booth at Miner’s Theater, the girls all had grouped together right in front and I was looking for a fantastic way to incorporate Jacob into the image.  Just about that time, the girls were all joking around and playing with poses, one of which was the iconic Charlie’s Angels pose!  BINGO!!!  That’s it I thought!  Jacob got to be Bosley!  It turned out amazing, as you can see!

I couldn’t have asked a better group of teenagers to work with and above all, they had fun!  Thank you all again for such a wonderful session!

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