Well hello there gorgeous, welcome!

First of all, congratulations on being a senior!  That is SO exciting!  This is YOUR year!  You will make countless memories this year, and I am so excited that you are considering Sara Davis Portraits to help you make some of those memories last a lifetime!


I want you to know a little bit about me and who I am, here at Sara Davis Portraits!  My name is Sara.  I graduated from Hickey College in 1998 with a diploma in Graphic Design and I received an Associates in Science degree from Southwestern Illinois College in 2013.  I have a daughter who is in middle school, an amazing boyfriend, a bonus daughter and two crazy cats!


In high school, I struggled with self confidence and how I looked.  I was always told that I was shy and held true to that identity for too many years.  So much, that I didn’t have a real senior portrait experience.  Don’t get me wrong, my parents would have invested in my portraits, however, I didn’t feel confident enough to have anything except the obligatory senior yearbook picture taken.


When I began my journey into portrait photography almost 20 years later, I found my true passion and calling in working with high school seniors.  Remembering who I was as a teenager getting ready to embark on adulthood, feeling terrified and lost, allows me to help my clients that may feel the same way.  Every senior deserves the opportunity to have her portrait taken, feel beautiful and allow her true self to shine through and be celebrated!


Senior portraits are such a HUGE part of your senior year and I want to make that experience amazing for you!  I specialize in seniors and my ONE focus is YOU!  By specializing, that means that I can pour my heart into your experience and make sure it’s the best out there!


I want to give you an experience that other photographers can’t!


I believe in attention to detail and providing seniors with not just some senior pictures…but, an experience in and of itself!


You may not realize it yet, but think about it…when is the next time you will have the opportunity for something like this.  Believe it or not, it will most likely be your wedding day.  Please don’t wait until then to have amazing portraits to document such an amazing time in your life.

This is YOUR time to celebrate your youth,

your free spirit and your love for life.

I cannot wait to photograph it for you!